Plum Love~~ A Ghazal

she takes a quick glance from under the stars
she’s arrayed on a sheet under the stars

her tresses she’s woven with jasmine buds
for her lover to greet under the stars

a salver of fruit her fingers caress
sticky morsels a treat under the stars

a chalice of wine, rose oil to anoint
her warm hands rub his feet under the stars

in moonbeams glow they gaze up at clouds
two hearts drum a beat under the stars

creekrose a sequined veil releases
where beloveds meet under the stars


Lilac Eclipse: A Ghazal

Lovers cross the threshold this night
Whilst moon beams lilac shine this night

Hearkening to waters sparkle
From near roots of the vine this night

Lilac strands form rings to adorn
Fingers that intertwine this night

In the glowing chamber below
Hidden beloveds dine this night

Tarry with patience yet, says Creekrose
Treasure is in the wine this night


Translated to Urdu by Shahre


Guzreh hai chaukhat say aashiq, aaj kee raat

Jab chamkey hai chandni mein yaas, aaj kee raat

Jhilmilati aab say kaan lagaye

Hai angoori bail kee jarain, aaj kee raat

Yaas kee lariyan, anghootiyan banaye

Bal khati ongliyon ko, sanwarey hai, aaj kee raat

Chamaktey damaktey Kamron taley

hein mehve ta aam , Pinhan aashiq, aaj kee raat

bass kuch dair aur Sabr, kahey hai Shahre

Sharab e pur ganj hai, yeh sharaab, aaj kee raat