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My name is Layla. I will be thirteen in August and that is a mountain in the distance. I enjoy writing very much and i love to challenge my imagination.  I find stories rather like a dream where words for me flow onto the page. Stories are mysterious things and no one story will ever be the same. I also love to read, dance, cook, plant, sketch, act, sing and climb. The wide, never ending outside is a place of peace for me and last September i planted several plants that i won with money from a baking contest. This spring they actually came up and i am very excited. I really want them to bloom and they seem to mean more to me now that i planted them and watered them all last fall. I read fantasy for it has endless opportunities and they never end. It is rather like soaring and when i have written on my pages with pen and ink for a good hour non-stop, something within me changes and i actually fall into the pages. Other things fall away and the images in my head come to life on the page. All other thoughts fall away as i really and truly enter the story world. Before this happens i sometimes find it difficult to describe the image in my head but when i enter the flow, words come with new founded ease. Something just falls away from me. I also love to cook and bake and then taste the batters and meat. I love to try out new recipes though i have made some pretty awful stuff before. It is fun to stand before the counter and peel garlic and cry over onions. ( some of them are really strong!) In the warm days of summer and spring when dew decorates the long, green grass, i step outside to take care of our flock of chickens and feed our dog, Clover. The chickens laid their first eggs today! Then i will run down to the pond and see if the koy are gathered under the bush that grows into the pond. The sun will be shading it and i will run to the cabin to have a little time to be alone for i like solitude sometimes. Later in the afternoon, me and my sister will take the clothes to hang them up to dry on the cloths line and watch them flap in the warm wind all day until they are dry and we bring them in. I have two sisters and two brothers, all younger  then me, 11 in July to 13 months and in between. Ahmad will chase Anousheh and Isha will sit behind me and draw while Jasper watches from in my lap with earnest eyes. He is frightened of any animal besides other humans but he will *mangle* the cat once he gets used to him. He can walk and he looks so sweet trucking around the house at 50 miles an hour! When it gets hot and i feel like being alone but not outside, i will sit at my desk and take out my papers and pencils and erasers. With the image of a character in my head, i will begin to sketch, first the basic outlines, then the more detailed muscular outlines and then the clothing and facial features. After the work is done ( it takes about two hours and ten sharpenings of pencils to draw a good picture) i will hold it up to the mirror and then file it in my sketching folder after i have dated it. I love to go on walks with Clover running ahead and then i will run until i can run no more, feeling the wind in my face and skirts. I sewed myself 3 this year. It was very exciting and even more fun to wear them. Sometimes i will sing and my voice will roll over the trees. When i act, my voice never does match that of in my head and i get captured in an entirely different attitude then when i first started out. But i have accomplished some very satisfying results in the past. each time i surprise myself. We are going to Arizona this spring and we are driving through four states. It is sure to be a marvelous trip but i will miss the cheeriness of this place. Going to someone elses house is always strange. (unless you know them really well). Well, back to the point . . . . . . This is a place where i will share with you my stories and life experiences in the best way i can: Words on a page. Hope you enjoy and feel them as much as i do! ~Best of wishes~ Layla


2 thoughts on “Layla’s Corner

  1. This is what Mr. Lorenz wanted me to post regarding yourLighthouse story. He lives in Germany. “I read Layla’s story about the light house, she puts excellent English and suspense in every sentence, thus keeping the reader’s interest high.”

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