Pieces of Peace

When I participated in the World Peace Poet Project I hadn’t imagined I’d receive so many variations of poetry on the topic of peace and resistance, it was an eye opener and enjoyed by my entire family . . . the excitement of walking down to the mailbox to see whether any postcards had come, seeing what each one looked like, reading them aloud, discussing them, reading them aloud again, and in Layla’s case:: the joy of new stamps to add to her album.  It was a fun experience and the postcards are on our fridge where we read them over again and glean something new as the days turn over.  Somewhere in the middle I was inspired to paint a series depicting some of the themes that popped out and so it continued, a surprising turn from poetry to paint.  Above are their beginnings and below are their endings . . .

Moody Moons

I love paint, plants, insects, animals, birds, people, Sun, Moon, Stars, patterns, and playing with them all together in one place; where they come together to show an attitude, an expression, a mood, a face.

This series is an ongoing venture. It began with Gratitude, a gift for my sister that was cocreated, though she didn’t know it! We used to play a game called Name Place Animal Thing, so this was the bones to what went into the painting . . . I asked her for Name Place Animal Thing Insect Flower Animal and so on, and then brought those elements together to create her gift::one of gratitude, for I am ever grateful that we are sisters ❤

From gratitude came movement into other themes with their own elements. I call them Moody Moons as they’re reflective of lunar energy::feminine, changing, intuitive, attitudes and feelings that rise in response to thoughts that are in flux.

With the exception of Gratitude, they’re all for sale or barter/exchange/trade . . . leave me a comment or use the Correspond form to get in touch with me should you be drawn to any of them and want further details; I’d love for them to find their way to homes where they’ll be appreciated. I’m also open to cocreating a piece especially for you, in the spirit of Name Place Animal . . . .