Moody Moons

I love paint, plants, insects, animals, birds, people, Sun, Moon, Stars, patterns, and playing with them all together in one place; where they come together to show an attitude, an expression, a mood, a face.

This series is an ongoing venture. It began with Gratitude, a gift for my sister that was cocreated, though she didn’t know it! We used to play a game called Name Place Animal Thing, so this was the bones to what went into the painting . . . I asked her for Name Place Animal Thing Insect Flower Animal and so on, and then brought those elements together to create her gift::one of gratitude, for I am ever grateful that we are sisters ❤

From gratitude came movement into other themes with their own elements. I call them Moody Moons as they’re reflective of lunar energy::feminine, changing, intuitive, attitudes and feelings that rise in response to thoughts that are in flux.

With the exception of Gratitude, they’re all for sale or barter/exchange/trade . . . leave me a comment or use the Correspond form to get in touch with me should you be drawn to any of them and want further details; I’d love for them to find their way to homes where they’ll be appreciated. I’m also open to cocreating a piece especially for you, in the spirit of Name Place Animal . . . .


Speak your peace . . .

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