If I were to paint the world today

The trees and sky would be waves of grey

The chickadees, the twigs, and snow

In dabs of dullness lacking glow

For the sun has been shut out.

Today we’ve been given a day of gloom

Where we huddle together in the warmest room

We tell stories and brew pots of tea

We take a rest and watch to see

The snows keep falling down.

But the gloom’s not enough to keep at bay

The call of Snow to come out and play

Snowballs get rolled and packed to throw

From behind a wall that begins to grow

And we let out shrieks and a shout.

A snowman is built and armed with a broom

A carrot for a nose and a hat with a plume

Then Angels rise from where comfortably

They’ve stretched their wings while singing softly

And their radiance shines like a crown.




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