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Star Kissed



Sweetness blossoms here

Strands on the periphery

Waking up bare feet




While two Jacks converse

The congregation sings hymns

Praising communion



While mortal men quest

Knights hunting the Holy Grail

The Night Watchman winks


Red Head


Shredding flesh from bones

Clearing stench where rotting meat

Peels from the carcass


Stripping it away

Peering through the bare ribcage

Leaving head behind


Sightless sockets stare

Dog carries remains away

Tending Yorick’s skull



I want a cave

A cave to age cheese in

Cheese from milk

Pouring out of the breasts

Of a cow I do not have

I’ll age it all

The same:

The holey kind

Like the stuff the moon’s made out of,

And in a few years

When it’s ripe

I’ll eat it

My insides will light up

Like the moon

And the kids will point and say,

“Mama you glow in the dark!”


I have a cave

A cave to change in

Strip down naked

To dragon scales

A cavern to stretch skin in

Roll about on smooth ground

A stalagmite to scratch an itch on

Spread my wings


Let out some firebreath

Lay a few eggs;

Eggs that’ll hatch

When the cheese is done

I’ll feed my babies from my breast

With cheese as a snack,

They’ll adore holey cheese


There is a cave

I hang upside down in

It’s big mouth gapes open

At the sky above

Where birds sing

Birds I don’t hear though

I feel their vibration

From where upside down

I hang

With hundreds, no! thousands of bats

We’re waiting

For the dark vortex,

A vortex upon which to alight;

Rising in our midst

A witch on a broomstick

My kids know where she came from.


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