Yesterday I gathered wool

Granny wove, once upon a time,

With sundried grass and husks of gold,

Vines of honeysuckle and grape, fresh to behold.


Granny wove, once upon a time,

Sitting ramrod straight on the gleaming oak floor

She was fresh to behold, circled with vines

Deftly shaped by her strong and supple fingers.


Sitting ramrod straight on the gleaming oak floor

She serenely wove this precious gift,

Deftly shaped by her smooth fingers,

A basket filled with dreams.


She serenely wove this precious gift

With sundried grass and husks of gold

A basket shaped for dreams;

Today I filled it with peas.

Peace Poet

"Peace" Mixed Media Collage

I learned about this convergence of poetry, peace, and postcards organized by Carla Shafer yesterday and signed up to participate with my family.  Should you be interested, there’s a wee window open to fly through, join in, and infuse . . . peace.

“Every time people speak their hopes, address their losses and fears and listen to each other, we are taking a step toward peace.” ~ Carla Shafer


February is Peace Poetry Postcard Month
Sign-up by January 30, 2017

See facebook Page:

28 Days for your peace and resistance postcards

Peace poems can lead to peace-filled conversations and inspire our thoughts and efforts in the months ahead. Here’s how to sign up.

JOIN poets from around the world (28 to a group) and send one of your original peace poems on a postcard for the 28 days of February.

SIGN UP at and you will become part of a group of 28 writers who promise to send new poems on peace to each other.

To SIGN UP use the subject line: Peace Postcards
In the body of the e-mail provide:
Your Name, Street Address, City, State, Country and Zip or Postal Code.
For every 28 poets who sign up, a group is formed.

You will receive an e-mail with your list as soon as your group reaches 28 names and addresses.

1. On the first day of February (or before) write an original poem on a post card of your choice and send it to the person whose name is listed below your name.

2. Proceed down the list sending a new post card every day.

3.Circle back to the top of the list until you come back to your own name.

It’s that easy!

PROMPTS! Words about peace in these anxious times can fit on a postcard and are your original poems on peace. Also, original poems of peace can be inspired by a postcard you have received or by a prompt listed at World Peace Poets (Check it Out!)

POST! Feel welcome to post your peace poem and comments on the World Peace Poets Facebook page if you wish.

Postage: From the U.S. International postage is 1.20 per card or 4 first class forever stamps. Within the US there are postcard stamps at 0.35 (cents) per card.